MEROPA 900 Provides Fuel to the Oceanographic Vessel ATLANTIS

The MEROPA 900 refueled the WHOI oceanographic vessel Atlantis for the second time on Thursday, October 10. The barge sailed into the harbor and bunkered next to the Atlantis while the crew continued to work on the vessel. The MEROPA 900 provides an alternative method of fueling to tank trunks coming through downtown Woods Hole. Using the MEROPA 900, 110,000 gallons of diesel is delivered in approximately 4 hours compared with two days of truck fueling. Trucks block streets and require police assist to navigate the small roadways. The crew on board the Atlantis have been extremely happy with the bunkering of fuel.

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. converted the MEROPA 900, owned by Tisbury Towing, from a single skin tank barge to a double hull tank barge. Tanks were designed to fit inside the hull, keeping it’s original dimensions of 130′ x 33′ x 10′-9″. The barge can now transport 3,500 BBL of product.

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.’s naval architect Annie Fisher (left) and Mr. Ralph Packer, President of Tisbury Towing (right) on deck of the Atlantis. 


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