Hopper Barge

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. was contracted by Tripp Marine Construction, Inc. of Westport, MA for the design, construction oversight, and owner’s representation of the TMC a 140’ x 40’ x 12’, 800 Cubic Yard Split Hull Hopper Barge. The barge was built at Beoufway Contractors, LLC, located in Houma, Louisiana. The barge was designed to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for Building and Classing Steel Barges, and was issued a freeboard assignment by ABS. The design involved analyzing several loading conditions for the hopper and their effects on the structure for the hinges and hydraulic cylinders. The deflections of the hulls under maximum load were also analyzed to ensure that it would not leak in the closed condition. In addition, the barge was designed to be remotely operated from the tugboat, so that it could be opened and closed without endangering crew members on-board.

Dimensions: 140' x 40' x 12'
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.
Builder: Beoufway Contractors, LLC, Houma, LA
Owner: Tripp Marine Construction, Inc.