Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) has been involved in a phased refit to an 82’ vessel for Tabor Academy located in Marion Massachusetts, the SSV TABOR BOY, a Subchapter R sailing school vessel. BHGI's involvement began with the development of a bid package for major modifications including a new fuel oil tank, a new potable water tank, and major hull and interior repairs. BHGI then assisted the owner in soliciting and evaluating bids, with BHGI providing construction oversight and quality control services. The vessel had a successful sailing season and BHGI then developed a bid package for the next phase of the refit, which focused on the engine room.

BHGI also served as the liaison for Tabor Academy and construction support for the major conversion of the SSV TABOR BOY. The project included replacing existing fuel and fresh water tankage, renewal of wasted shell plating and internal stiffeners, renewal of the main mast, and permanent ballast replacement. The project also included ensuring the vessel met the modern requirements of Subchapter R of Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations, including stability requirements that the vessel was not originally designed to meet.

BHGI was responsible for the bid package development, assisted in contract negotiations, and provided detail design and construction support. As part of its role in oversight, BHGI was responsible for ship inspections and reviewing the builder’s construction schedule and quality. BHGI continues to provide naval architecture and marine engineering services to Tabor Academy as needed.