Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) designed two (2) 85’ tugboats for Blount Boats, Inc. BHGI’s goal was to modernize a classic tugboat style for a client for asked for more beam for deck operations, double quarter bitts and some heavier bottom shell plating. Design and engineering included full detail and construction support in the form of shop drawings and part geometry for supporting Computerized Numeric Controlled (CNC) cutting of the hull and deckhouse steel. Construction support included performing an inclining experiment and obtaining a United States Coast Guard (USCG) stability letter for the vessel.

The tugs were both 85’ and both had 2,200 bhp, the first was a single chine hull design with a beam of 24’, the second was a double hull design with a beam of 26’. These changes illustrate the advantage of using a parametric computer model (3-D) to design the vessel. BHGI was able to complete the design modifications for the second vessel and tailor them to the needs of the owners in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to complete a new design. The tugs are used for marine towing along the East Coast.

Dimensions: 85’ x 26’ x 12’ Twin-Screw Tug
Main Propulsion: Two (2) CAT 3512B, 1,200HP
Gears: Two (2) 4:1 Twin Disc, MG-5600, 4.03:1 Reduction
Generators: Two (2) 65kW Cat 3304NA Generators
Propellers: Two (2) Rolls Royce, Four-blade Stainless Steel Propellers (76-in. in diameter)
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. / Blount Boats, Inc.
Builder: Blount Boats, Inc., Warren, RI
Owner: Sea Wolf Marine, Inc., Bayonne, NJ