Sayville Ferry

Passenger Vessel

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) was contracted by Sayville Ferry Service, Inc. in 2018 to provide the design of an aluminum monohull high speed ferry for 400 passengers and cargo providing service from Sayville to Fire Island. The new design will be based on an existing parent vessel. The vessel will be designed to comply with 46 CFR Subchapter K. The project includes both preliminary and detail design packages for all aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering. There is particular emphasis on modernization of the propulsion plant, improvements for passenger embarkation/debarkation and cargo handling, hydrodynamic enhancements, and vibration reduction.

Dimensions: 85' 6" x 21' 6-1/2" x 6' 9"
Capacity: 400 Passengers
Classification: USCG Subchapter K
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. for the conversion
Owner: Sayville Ferry Service, Inc.