Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. was contracted by Northern Maritime Logistics of Anchorage, Alaska, for the design of both a towboat and the bow ramp for a new deck barge. OLD BULL is constructed of steel, and is powered by twin diesel engines, each producing 340 BHP and driving conventional propellers. The deckhouse includes a head, galley counter, and mess for several people. The pilot house is located above the cabin on an elevated platform to allow adequate operator visibility over cargo loads on the barge. OLD BULL is outfitted with push knees, bollards, and capstans for facing wires and is outfitted with a stern towing bitt. The vessel was designed for “Exposed Waters” for operations within six miles of shore. Both vessels are currently servicing Nikaitchuq Island.

Dimensions: 39’ x 19’ x 5.5’
Main Propulsion: Two (2) Cummins
Propellers: Driving Conventional Propellers
Outfitted: Push knees, bollards, capstans, and a stern towing bitt.
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.
Builder: Eagle Fabrication, LLC, Sauget, IL
Owner: Northern Maritime Logistics, LLC, Anchorage, AK