Crane Barge

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) was contracted by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to develop a design of an 80' x 34' x 5' pedestal crane barge. The barge was to replace the existing HAVASU barge which was used during installation and removal of the Lake Erie Ice Boom. BHGI began with a feasibility study including an initial on-site investigation. BHGI incorporated several key elements in the new design including a pedestal mounted Terex HC-80 crane with a 50 foot lattice boom. For crew comfort, a permanent deck house was added to the barge with a small electrical distribution center and space for a small 5Kw portable generator. A corrosion allowance was added to provide for a long and productive service life. The barge was constructed at Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland, OH where BHGI also provided construction oversight services. It is currently being used for installing, removing, and maintaining Lake Erie's Ice Boom on the Niagara River, and near the outlet of Lake Erie.

Dimensions: 80’ x 34’ x 5’
Max Deck Load: 1,200 PSF
Crane: Terex HC-80
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.
Builder: Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland, OH
Owner: New York Power Authority, White Plains, NY