ATB Double-Hull Oil Barge

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. was contracted by Conrad Shipyard in Amelia, LA to design a 399' x 74' x 30' ATB double hull oil barge. The barge is part of an ATB unit that is operated domestically and internationally to support the continually expanding shore bases as well as offshore operations. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) were used extensively during this project. The purpose of the FEA study was to assess the stern scantlings of the barge in way of the INTERCON ladder interface. Similarly, FEA was performed on the tug structure to assess the maximum stress in way of the INTERCON load box. CFD analysis was performed to determine the calm water resistance of the combined unit and optimize the tug forebody and stern rake geometry of the barge.

Dimensions: 399' x 74' x 30'
Total Capacity: 80,000 BBL
Number of Tanks: 10
Cargo: Grade A Flammable Liquids
Bow Thruster: (1) Thrustmaster retractable azimuthing thruster, 750HP
Main Generators: Two (2) John Deere 99kW
Classification: ABS A1, Unlimited Oceans, Permissively Manned
Designer: Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.
Builder: Conrad Shipyard, Amelia, LA
Owner: John W. Stone Oil Distributor